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Re-Opening Our Economy 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has tragically taken the lives of thousands of Michiganders. My heart goes out to them and their families. We continue to navigate and fight this pandemic and we must rely on sound data in order to make sound policy decisions. It is clear we have flattened the curve and now it’s time to safely reopen the economy by implementing science-based and common-sense policies that will both keep our citizens safe and allow them to put food on the table. As your next State Representative, I will put people over politics in order to get our people back to work. 

Keeping Communities and Neighborhoods Safe

Every family and child deserve to live in a safe and vibrant community and neighborhood. As the next State Representative, I will be an advocate for our community to keep our neighborhoods safe. Quality public safety makes good economics and when our neighborhoods are safe, our community thrives. 


Protecting our Senior Citizens


Government’s #1 priority is the protection of its people, especially the most vulnerable. Elder abuse is a growing issue as, according to the National Council on Aging, 1 in 10 Americans age 60 and above have experienced some form of elder abuse. Most staggering is that over 90% of these cases go unreported to authorities. As your next state representative, I will work diligently to ensure our most vulnerable populations are protected.

Future of Education


Teachers are heroes and our students are the future.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many new challenges to our current education system.  Michigan will never be great without great schools but we also know we must invest in smarter ways to give students, parents, and teachers the best opportunities to learn, teach, and succeed together. 

Michigan needs to be a leader in preparing our students to have the skills required to enter the workforce, armed forces, or higher education on day one.  Through cutting edge educational opportunities and by investing in career technical education and apprenticeship programs at local schools, Michigan will be in a strong position to draw businesses looking to invest or expand to our state. 

Protecting Our Public Lands and Natural Resources


Michigan is home to the Great Lakes as well as many natural resources throughout our great state.   I believe we must use proven science-based methods to protect our environment as well as bipartisan and common-sense solutions. In Lansing I will be a voice to protect our state by not just throwing unlimited amounts of taxpayer money at problems but by bringing people together in a bipartisan way to protect our states public lands and natural resources for many generations to come.

Lowering Auto Insurance Rates


For decades, Michigan’s rigged no-fault car insurance system forced our hard working citizens to pay the highest premiums in the country. Thankfully, the legislature passed auto insurance reform in 2019, which gives citizens the choice to choose the coverage that best fits them and their families, putting more money in their pockets. That reform takes effect on July 1st of this year. As your next state representative, Dave will fight diligently to ensure this law is fully implemented and that all savings go where they belong - to ratepayers and not hospital or insurance executives. 

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